Sermons from February 2020

The Pop Pulpit – Part 1

Wrong beliefs can ruin your life  Getting Reality Wrong – will destroy your life   We are all preached to by secular culture every single day   “These beliefs have not so much been argued as assumed. They are not enforced: rather imbibed. We do not receive them as intellectual propaganda to be obey,  Instead these beliefs are communicated to us at an almost subconscious level through the high priests of advertising and techno prophets of Silicon Valley” (Mark Sayers)   Getting reality…

Be the Bush

Guest Speaker Tim Teakle shares an encouraging message on first impressions, suffering, and God’s calling for our lives. Some are called to be Moses, and some are called to be the bush.

You Were Here

A message from Dave to those who are on the way to God. When you move away from the church, what are you moving towards?

Pop Up Emotions – Part 4

Recap: Guilt: The person who is forgiven the most loves the most  My past may remind me, it will not define me. My past will lead me to worship  Envy: Run Your Race  My point of reference is myself last year   Anger is not getting what you want, so pray for what you want   Fear is a normal biological reaction  Our memories and imaginations kick in and cause fear to linger   Mark 4:35- That day when evening came, he said to his disciples, “Let…