Tina Caissie

Tina organizes the details of the church office, staff, and general operations of the church, also ensuring that Sunday mornings are flawless. She can be found in the office plugging away at all of her duties with pleasure. Tina worked in a local bookstore for almost 16 years before coming to work at Church on the Rock. She loves to sing on our COTR worship team and will gladly take centre stage when called upon for a dramatic presentation. Tina is married to Brant (her high school sweetheart) and has a son named Aidan. Both are the joy of her life. She lived in Hamilton most of her life but currently resides in Brantford. Tina is a self-taught crocheter and wishes she could ride horses all day long.

Fun Fact: Tina has watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves over 20 times and is a major Superman fan.

Children's Pastor
Sarah Stassen
Lead Pastor
Dave Overholt