Leadership Staff

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Dave Overholt

Dave architects the vision and values of Church on the Rock, spearheads new initiatives, and spiritually feeds the Church on the Rock family on Sundays.

Jacob Nussbaum

Jacob is known by the people around him for his technical skills, creative vision, and desire to see the Kingdom of God glorified. After attending for a couple years, Jacob swept into the scene to serve Church on the Rock in response to Covid by producing an online livestream and other video projects. Since then, he has accepted a role as Media Director. Jacob is constantly seeking opportunities to grow the quality of his work and is always eager to…

Shannon Freeman

Shannon has a passion for keeping track of the details and for making things happen! She supports Andrew (Executive Pastor) who oversees and supports our staff and ministry team leaders with the goal of achieving strategic, coordinated and effective ministries within our church. When she’s not writing e-mails or navigating government websites, Shannon loves to spend time adventuring outside with her husband Rich and their two princesses, Zoe and Adeline. Fun Fact: Shannon’s favourite activity is either rock climbing or playing…

Katy Darley

Katy has a passion for connecting people with each other and with Jesus! She leads our Young Adults Ministry for 17-29 year olds. She is passionate about guiding people in this stage of life as they wrestle with important questions of faith and seek to build meaningful community with their peers and others. She also leads our Connections Ministry – helping newcomers make their home here at Church on the Rock. Her goal is for new people to feel extravagantly…

Jess Hilton

Jess is involved in ‘making Sunday happen’ – alongside an incredible team of selfless and servant hearted volunteers – she is a part of setting up, overseeing and tearing down every Sunday service. Jess strives to connect volunteers into positions that put their skills, natural abilities and spiritual gifts at work – like the ability to be excited and ready to turn a gymnasium into a sanctuary at 6am. Jess is also a full-time student at Redeemer University, studying Urban…

Andrew Brown

Andrew oversees and supports our staff and ministry team leaders with the goal of achieving strategic, coordinated and effective ministries within our church.

Tina Caissie

Tina organizes the details of the church office, staff, and general operations of the church, also ensuring that Sunday mornings are flawless.

Nancy Jongeling

Nancy reaches and transforms children – from our nursery up to grade 5 through Sunday morning programming, Kids Club, and Summer Camp in the church and the wider Hamilton Mountain area.