Small Groups

We believe that Small Groups are an important piece of the transformational process and our hope is that every person connected to COTR would be involved in a small group where they can “know and be known”. Small groups are about meeting together in community to further embrace Jesus’ call to Discipleship.

Young Adult Small Groups
(17 - 25ish)

Young Adults Worship Study

Group Leaders: Malcolm McLean & Jess Hilton
City Location: Hamilton Mountain West
Address: 27 Gerrick Court
Frequency/Day/Time: Alternate Mondays 7:00-9:00pm
Begins: October 4
Group Size: 8

This small group will be looking at different definitions of worship and studying worship within the Bible. We will seek to answer the question “what is worship?” and expand our knowledge on what worship is. 

Young Adults Mountain Central

Group Leader: Katy Darley
Address: 2149 Upper James (Church Building)
Frequency/Day/Time: Weekly Tuesdays 7:00pm
Begins: October 12
Group Size: 20

Let’s grow together in reading the Bible in our day-to-day lives. Enliven your relationship with God by deepening your understanding of how to read the Bible and learning about simple practices that can help you hear from Him in your daily life. Get to know other young adults and support each other as we grow in God’s Word.

Young Adults McMaster Campus

Group Leaders: Natalie & Alestide Bertrand
City Location: Lower Hamilton West
Address: McMaster University Campus (Room # TBA)
Frequency/Day/Time: Weekly Thursdays 7:30pm
Begins: October 21
Group Size: 8

We are a group who wants to equip, encourage and inspire young adults to pursue an intimate relationship with Christ and gain confidence in sharing their faith in their daily lives whether at home, with friends, on campus and beyond. 

Young Adult Plus Small Groups (26 - 30ish)

Young Adults Plus Mountain Central

Group Leaders: Nick & Chelsea Roadhouse
City Location: Hamilton Mountain Central
Address: 27 Elkwood Drive
Frequency/Day/Time: Alternate Mondays 8:00-10:00pm
Begins: October 4
Group Size: 10

Journeying in Faith Together! Study TBA.

Young Adults Plus Mountain Central Flex

Group Leader:  Rita Pikkert
City Location: Hamilton Mountain Central
Address: 2 East 23rd St.Frequency/Day/Time: Weekly Tuesdays 4:45pm (but time/date flexes with Group)
Begins: September 28
Group Size: 5

Journey in Faith Together!

Note: This group is currently full. 

Small Groups - All Ages (adults)

The Book of Acts – Eyewitness Accounts

Group Leaders: Gene & Sue Di Sabatino, Margaret & Alan Dickin.
City Location: Online Group (with occasional In-Person meet-ups)
Frequency/Day/Time: Weekly Mondays 7:30pm
Begins: September 27
Group Size: 25

An online group (with occasional in-person meet-ups) using the “Eye Witness Accounts from the Book of Acts” video series. It is a series of actors portraying some of the major characters from Acts and has a good set of discussion questions to accompany it. We always have worship, a video discussion, prayer and worship to end.

Life Together – Hamilton Mountain South

Group Leader: James Rennie
Group Hosts: Anna Tam & Dave Drysdale
City Location: Hamilton Mountain South
Address: 8305 Twenty Rd. East
Frequency/Day/Time:  Alternate Sundays 7:30pm
Begins: October 17
Group Size: 8

Journeying in Faith Together! Study TBA.

Note: This group is currently full. 

Discipleship Study Group

Group Leader: Andrew Lemmond
City Location: Hamilton Mountain Central
Address: 53 Callie Rd.
Frequency/Day/Time: Alternate Thursdays at 8:00pm
Begins: October 21
Group Demographic: Young Married/Couples
Group Size: 8

COTR’s Discipleship Study Group for young married/young couples

Moms with Young Kids

Group Leader: Sarah Stassen
City Location: Hamilton Mountain Central
Address: 293 West 2nd St.
Frequency/Day/Time: Alternate Tuesdays 8:00pm
Begins: October 5
Group Demographic: Moms of Pre-Schooler/Elementary Kids
Group Size: 5

Studying Philippians with Francis Chan Video Series

Note: This group is currently full

Saturday Morning Men’s Group

Group Leaders: Ray Allen, Ron Jongeling, Steve Ranger
City Location: Hamilton Mountain Central
Address: 2149 Upper James (Church Building)
Frequency/Day/Time:  Alternate Saturdays 8:00am
Begins: Oct. 2 (Zoom) October 16 (Breakfast Kick-Off)
Group Size: 20

Journeying in Life Together Aiming to Build Great Men of God.

Life Together – Ancaster South

Group Leader: Ken Forster
Group Host:  Brian & Marion Bick
City Location: Ancaster South
Address: 439 Book Rd W.
Frequency/Day/Time: Alternate Tuesdays 7:00pm
Begins: Sept. 28 6:30pm for Bonfire
Group Size: 14

Life Sermon Study

Mom’s Connect

Group Leader:  Shannon Freeman
City Location: Various 
Frequency/Day/Time: Alternate Wednesdays 9:30-11:00am (Drop-In)
Begins: October 13

A kid-friendly space for moms to connect with, encourage and pray for one another. Updates about where/when we’re meeting and/or any special events are posted on the Mom’s Connect Facebook Group page. 

Broken Crayons Still Colour

Group Leader: Dr. Christina Forster
City Location: Hamilton Mountain
Address: 2149 Upper James
(Church Building)
Frequency/Day/Time: Weekly Saturdays 10:00am-12:00pm (7 Sessions)
Begins: Oct. 16 – Nov. 27
Group Size: 20

Many times, what we see as our biggest regrets, failures and mistakes become what God uses the most in our lives. This 7-week book study for men and women will take you on a journey of hope and healing in Christ. “Broken Crayons Still Color: From our Mess to God’s Masterpiece” workbook is required and will be available for a cost of $10.

Discipleship Group

Group Leader:  Dave Overholt
City Location: Online
Frequency/Day/Time: Weekly Various Evenings

COTR’s Discipleship Study

Note: These groups are currently full. 

Contact for opportunities to join future groups.

Discovering Your Spiritual Story

Group Leader: Andrew Brown
City Location: Hamilton Mountain Central
Address: 2149 Upper James (Church Building)
Frequency/Day/Time: Weekly Thursdays 7:30pm (4 Sessions)
Begins: Oct. 21-Nov.11
Group Size: 20

An interactive group designed to deepen one’s awareness of God through a reflective look at one’s own spiritual journey. The skills developed here will assist the participant in the ability to see “God at Work” in and around them on an ongoing basis.