Small Groups

Tiny Groups

We believe that Small Groups are an important piece of the transformational process and our hope is that every person connected to COTR would be involved in a small group where they can “know and be known”. Small groups are about meeting together in community to further embrace Jesus’ call to Discipleship.

Under COVID-19 Restrictions, we are moving to ministry model that we believe will give us the flexibility to manage the potential ups and downs of regulations and shifting comfort levels within our community. We are also working toward a system with COVID ‘best practices’ in trying to be vigilant with respect to health concerns as well as provincial and city regulations.  

Our current small group model for this semester is centered around the formation of “Tiny Groups.” These will be self-forming groups of 3-5 people who commit to regularly connecting to encourage and grow with one another in faith. 

The format for each group is flexible week to week and could include meeting at a home, out for coffee, prayer path, via group chat (phone or video). Groups will have the flexibility to structure their time and activities to what will be most helpful for them. 

We will provide a weekly Tiny Groups Guide that will include sermon discussion questions, follow-up Scripture reading and practical application challenges. We will also keep you updated with prayer requests for the church and more!  

Arrange your group and then sign-up individually or as a group below:

If you are new to Church on the Rock and would like some help in connecting into a Tiny Group, contact our Community Connection Coordinator Katy Darley.

For more information about “Tiny Groups,” contact our Executive Pastor Andrew Brown.