Gifted for a purpose.

The Church is called a body because every part has a unique strength and purpose. Using those strengths has a real impact on the lives of others, helps us grow in our faith, and creates common ground for relationships. If you’d like to get involved or chat with someone about a place to use your gifts, click our interest form below. 

Sunday Service Team

Sunday morning serves as a first connection point for people on the way to Jesus, and provides transformational moments for believers. The Sunday Service Team executes a creative and excellent Sunday Service that allows people to experience God in fresh and impactful ways. 

Set Up & Tear Down

Like the Israelites of old, as a portable church we always need folks who will 'carry the tent' by assembling and packing up all our equipment. This team is responsible for transforming the gym at Calvin Christian School into a dynamic place of worship each week. No skills required—just a willing and faithful heart.


This team is responsible for all the technical aspects of each week’s Sunday service including Video, Audio, Lighting, and Broadcast. If you are curious about what all the dials and knobs do, and you're willing to put in the time to learn the trade, our team is excited to train you.


The welcome team is responsible for creating an environment that is friendly, welcoming and inviting to all of our Sunday morning service participants (regular attendees and visitors).

Media & Broadcast

Have a passion for video and new media? This team uses photography and video to connect our community in an increasingly online world. They manage our Sunday livestream, produce kids videos, and more.​

Worship Team

Each week COTR is privileged to gather as a community and together to experience God through worship and praise. The focus of the Worship Ministry team is to direct hearts to Him by leading people into a transformative experience of worshiping God. 

Facilities Team

The Facilities Team is responsible for the ongoing maintenance, upkeep and improvements to our existing church building. They also manage our building rentals and facilitate our church-wide work days. 

Prayer Team

When we work, we work. When we pray, God works. Pray First!

Prayer ministry at COTR happens in a variety contexts. We welcome you to visit our prayer path at the church building where you can walk the property on a guided prayer meditation or book some time in the prayer cabin. On Sunday morning, if you’d like to be personally prayed for, you are always welcome to connect with a volunteer in the prayer corner.

Once a month during the school year, the church is invited to come together on a Sunday evening for a night of Praise and Prayer. The PIT (Praying Intentionally Together) Crew Team receives COTR prayer requests via email and lifts these to the Lord on a regular basis.